Joie de Vivre

just. awesome


OK, I finally figured out what this feels like.

It’s like if the Friends finale made Rachel and Joey end up together.

It’s not totally wrong, but doesn’t feel right either.

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We waited 8 fucking years for Barney and Robin to get together only to find out that they got divorced and all of Barney’s character development was reversed.

Ross and Rachel didn’t have to put up with this shit.


ahelyett, hogy sírunk a himymen, nézzük inkább, milyen zseniálisak :D

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel epic Les Misérables song


Loved the show for years.
Hated the ending.

This is to commemorate the good times.


Season 1                                                                                        Season 9


No, this is a story about how you’re totaly totaly totaly in love with aunt Robin